Repair of mechanical and electrical parts of elevating cranes

  • Repair of reduction gears
  • Repair of breaks and motion’s parts
  • Repair of main structure parts
  • Repair of grapple units
  • Repair and reconstruction of electric and automatic driving parts
  • Repair of and technical support for electric motors
  • Electric motor labor tests
  • Repair of high voltage electrical supply systems
  • Replacement of steel cables
  • Testing and repair of driver units SIMOREG, SIMOVERT, SINAMICS


  • Replacement and repair of pipelines, elbows, branches
  • Manufacturing, replacement and repair of pipeline compensators
  • Manufacturing, replacement and repair of any type of pipeline foundations

Repair of boilers and boiler systems

  • Boiler drums
  • Repair of air heaters
  • Repair of heat exchangers
  • Repair of industrial systems
  • Constriction of water level units
  • Repair of coil dust burners, gas burners and petrol burners

Mechanical Repair Workshop

  • Manufacturing of rollers, pulleys, discs
  • Manufacturing of roller’s holders
  • Manufacturing of shafts, axels, pivots
  • Manufacturing of spare parts
  • Repair of gearboxes and reduction boxes
  • Repair of pumps, pipes, filters
  • Manufacturing of metal parts according to customer projects

Construction activities

  • Construction of metal fire escape ladders
  • Construction of mechanical transport systems
  • Manufacturing of electrical filter for boilers
  • Redesigning of facades for industrial buildings
  • Repair of heat exchangers, heaters
  • Repair of air lines
  • Repair of ladders, construction sites and plating.

Rubber conveyers

  • Design and construction of rubber conveyers
  • Manufacturing and replacement of any types of spare parts for rubber conveyers
  • Repair of rubber conveyer belts
  • Long term rubber conveyer services